Saturday, October 8, 2011

Columbus Day Sale - 10% Off Everything

Much controversy surrounds celebrating Columbus Day as a nation. Did Columbus's arrival and colonization bring war, slavery, oppression, and other terrible things?  Of course.  In most all things where men and women are involved there is good and evil.  Sad, but true, it's in our nature.  As we study the history of Christopher Columbus's explorations and conquests this week during home school, I believe there will be many life lessons my children and I can learn.  I love studying history with my kids.  I feel blessed to be able to home school freely in this nation we live in.

With all that said, we are offering a Columbus Day Sale.  I just can't pass up an excuse to have a sale.  I love good deals and I love offering them to others.  If it makes you feel better, just change the name to Oktoberfest Sale or Fall Is Here Sale, or anything else that makes you smile.  

Everything in our shoppe is marked down 10% for the holiday weekend.  The sale will run until Tuesday night, October 11th at midnight.  If you have a coupon code you may stack it on top of the sale prices for added savings.  If you don't have a coupon code you need to "Like" us on Facebook as two have already posted on there this morning.  Look to the left for the link to our Facebook page.  Please note that gift certificate purchases are excluded from the sale.

In addition, all of our Halloween fabrics are now marked 20% off.  Our stock is running pretty low so hurry and order yours today.

Happy fabric shopping,
Danielle Storm

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