Tuesday, April 10, 2012

10% Off Everything Sale Ending Soon - MM Ta Dots and FF Gingham

Just a quick reminder that our Easter sale ends in just a few hours.  Hurry so you don't miss out.  Everything on our site is marked down 10% until midnight, Tuesday, April 10 at midnight!

Also, I've had a lot of questions about our FF gingham and MM Ta Dots and which fabrics coordinate with each other.  I thought I would share the list I created in case it might be of use to you. Please remember that this is subjective and only my opinion.  And don't forget, you can find all of these fabrics for sale on our website (and on sale right now too!)

MM Ta Dots from Left to Right
Minnie Ta Dot- Berry Red gingham
Berry Ta Dot - Berry Red or Raspberry
gingham (Hot Pink looks nice also)
Pink Ta Dot - Berry Red or Raspberry
gingham (Hot Pink looks nice also)
Candy Ta Dot - Hot Pink
gingham (Light Pink looks nice also)
Bloom Ta Dot - Coral
gingham (Light Pink looks nice also)
Petal Ta Dot - Coral
Tangerine Ta Dot - Orange gingham
Sunny Ta Dot - Marigold or Yellow gingham
Apple Ta Dot - Lime gingham
Lime Ta Dot - Lime gingham
Aqua Ta Dot - Seafoam gingham
Ocean Ta Dot - Seafoam gingham
Sea Ta Dot - Seafoam gingham
Breeze Ta Dot - Seafoam or Royal gingham
Moon Ta Dot and Luna Ta Dot - Grey gingham is too light, but Black is a bit dark. If I had to pick one, I would use Black gingham.

Happy Creating,
Danielle Storm

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