Wednesday, October 23, 2013

{October 23 ~ Wednesday} 25% Off 12"x15" Drawstring Presentation Bags and NEW Facebook Giveaway

Today's Special
 25% Off 12"x15" Drawstring Presentation Bags

Win a $25 or one of five $5 Gift Certificates!
We just opened a new design contest on our Facebook page.  
Here is what to do to enter and win!

1. Take a nice picture of something you have created using either fabric you purchased from our site that we still offer for sale, a pattern purchased from us that we still offer, or both.

2. Post that picture to our wall no later than 10:00 pm CT Sunday, October 27th.

3. Include in the description the name of the fabric line (s) and/or pattern and links to those items on our site so others may find them.

4. Add the hashtag #WhimsicalFabricOctoberContest to your description so everyone can find your post.

5. Share your post with all your friends and family. Ask them to like and comment on your picture if they would like to be entered into a drawing to win a Whimsical Fabric Gift Certificate.

How will the winners be selected? We will take ALL the "likes" and ALL the comments, and ALL the
shares (must be publicly so we can see it), print them off, cut them up, and enter them into a bowl. From that bowl we will draw 5 winners and each winner will receive a $5 gift certificate to our website.

And, for all those of you who post a picture my 10:00 pm CT, Sunday, Oct 27th AND include all 5 steps above, all of your names will be thrown into a separate bowl and we will draw out one name. That person will win a $25 gift certificate to our site! Please make sure to follow and include ALL 5 steps above when posting to be entered into the designer $25 GC drawing.

Winners will be drawn at 10:00 pm CT, Wednesday, Oct 30th.

And remember, the more contest pictures you like and the more sweet comments you make to other people's projects, and the more shares, the more entries you gain for the $5 GC giveaways!! Have fun!!

Happy creating!
Danielle Storm

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