Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February's Tutorial Tuesday - the VBg Reversible Quick Tote

The VBg Reversible Quick Tote

Hi Everyone! I'm so honored to be here sharing my Reversible Quick Tote with you on Tutorial Tuesday, Thank You Danielle! These little bags stitch up quick with cute fabrics and for additional cuteness just add adorable trim and a Machine Embroidery design. Here we go...

Click on any of the photos to enlarge.  

The cute fabrics I chose are Riley Blake Sidewalks by October Afternoon and Gracie Girl by Bee in my Bonnet. Danielle used her keen designer eye to pick the matching Ruffle Ric Rack, I love it!

Supplies You'll Need per Tote:
  • 1/2yd Main Fabric
  • 1/2yd Lining Fabric
  • 1yd Woven Fusible Interfacing (sugg. Pellon SF101)
  • 1yd 1" Cotton Webbing for Straps-add additional yardage for longer straps
  • 1yd Decorative Trim-Ruffle Rack
Note: We have a nice selection of kits on our site that contain everything you need to create this tote, except thread and webbing, which may be purchased at your local craft/sewing store. You can find those kits here.  Use the code TutorialTuesday to save 20% off these kits through Monday, 3/3/14.
Basic Sewing Supplies:
  • Scissors and/or Rotary Cutter, Ruler and Cutting Mat
  • Fabric Marking Pen/Marker/Tailor's Chalk
  • Coordinating Thread
  • Iron and Ironing Board
  • Sewing Machine
Optional Supplies:   
  • Embroidery Machine, Embroidery Machine Thread and Machine Embroidery Design
  • Cut Away Stabilizer for embroidery design **use in place of 1 cut of fusible woven interfacing if doing embroidery design**

Cutting Instructions for Small Tote:
  • 2) 11"wide x 12"tall Main Fabric (print)
  • 1) 11"wide x 15"tall Main Fabric for pocket
  • 2) 11"wide x 12"tall Lining Fabric (solid)
  • 1) 10.5"wide x 11.5"tall Fusible Woven Interfacing *2 if not doing embroidery design*
  • 1) 10.5"wide x 7"tall Fusible Woven Interfacing for pocket
  • 2) 18"long Cotton Webbing for straps (or cut desired for longer/shorter straps)
  • 1) 22" long Ruffle Rack-trim
  • **1) approx 10"wide x 12"tall Cut Away Stabilizer for embroidery design option*
 ***All Seam allowances are 1/2" unless otherwise noted***
***press with warm iron after each step*** 

1. Fold pocket fabric in half to equal 11"wide x 7.5"tall, right side out and press.  Open folded fabric and following manufacture's guidelines fuse interfacing along inside edge, so it butts up to the fold line.

Once cool, fold fabric along press line, sandwiching the interfacing inside and top stitch along folded top edge 1/4".  

2. Fuse interfacing to lining piece **do both lining pieces here if you are not stitching an embroidery design and using the Cut Away Stabilizer**. 

I added the machine embroidery design here...Thank You Abigail Michelle for the wonderful Mary Grace alphabet!    

3. Align prepared pocket panel right side up on one lining piece (not embroidered/embellished lining piece) across sides and bottom, pin (clover clips, woot, woot) and stitch with a wide running stitch to secure. Mark in 3" across top of pocket panel and bottom (all) and stitch to create pockets.

4. Match prepared Pocket Panel/Lining piece and embroidered/embellished lining piece, right sides facing and pin (clips again, woot, woot). Stitch around 3 sides leaving the top and a 3"- 4" opening at center bottom to pull cover thru at a later step. 

5. Boxing the Corners...pinch the bottom corners so that the bottom seam and the side seam are matching. Pin near the pointed end and at about 2 inches up into the seam to keep all layers flat without wrinkles. Measure up 1" from the point of the seam and mark (pink line is under the ruler here).

Stitch across marked line.

6. Align both cover fabric panels right sides facing, pin and stitch sides and bottom, leaving the top open then repeat step 5 to box the corners and trim seam allowance on both the cover and lining corners. Turn Cover right side out!

7. Fold bottom corners of Cover inward to aid in slipping it into the lining. Pin or clip trim all the way around the top opening of the cover, overlap 1/2" and trim to fit.

 Slip Cover into Lining, right sides facing.

Measure in 3" along top and pin each end of webbing to the top with trim.  Tuck in handles, being careful to keep only the ends of the handles in the stitching path. 
***Straps lay inside during stitching!***

8. Pin or clip layers evenly around the top of the tote, matching side seams and centers. 
Free arm stitch around top through all layers. Go slow through the bulk and making sure handle loops are out of the way.

9. Pull Cover through the 3"-4"opening in bottom of Lining...all the way through...

and tuck it back into itself! I chose to tuck in the Cover fabric as it will be easier to see the top stitching on the colored fabric and to slip/invisible stitch the opening in the Lining closed.

10. Press around the top edge and pin. Top stitch 1/4" from top edge. 

Slip/invisible stitch bottom opening closed.

11. Press and Enjoy!!! 

hmm, I think I need a Flower for this tote and a matching Key Fob...watch for those tutorials to go up on my blog soon at Vintage Barngirl and I would love it if you all would like to follow me on Facebook.

Thank You Everyone, looking forward to talking to you again and please let me know if you have any questions. 

Happy Stitchin'!
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If you would like to purchase a VBg Reversible Tote Kit you may find those here.  The kits contain all the fabric, lining, and trim you need to complete your tote. You'll only need to pick up thread and webbing at your local craft/sewing store.  Don't forget to use the code TutorialTuesday to save 20% off any kits through Monday, 3/3/14.


  1. Thank You Sew Much Danielle! Looking forward to making some new stitchy friends and if anyone has questions, just let me know :-)