Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sharon's Favorite Things

Hello, Sharon here today with my favorite things!! I am a pretty simple gal so my list is not long but I would love to share with you my very favorite things!

My Favorite Patterns:  I have two favorite patterns: the Winter Wear Designs Button Up Shirt and the Liesl + Co Cappuccino Dress and Tunic. I have two of each patterns sewn (but there will be more!) and these are my most worn tops ever. I adore the fit of both of these. They form to my curves so beautifully without alterations needing to be done. And both patterns are so much fun to sew.

My Favorite Fabrics:   Art Gallery knits and Art Gallery voile are my favorite fabrics, hands down! They are a dream to sew with, feel so luxurious against my skin, and wash up fabulously. Need I say more??!

My Favorite Places To Go:  I know you ladies know that I love sewing but I also love being outside. I love hiking and camping. I love to sit outside and listen to the birds sing. The  picture below is from Table Rock, my favorite place to go hiking in South Carolina. There are waterfalls all the way up the mountainside. We even love to swim in the ice cold pools.

Below is a picture of our favorite place to go walking and nature watching. I can't get enough of being in God's beautiful nature. We live outside during summer.  

My Favorite Non-Sewing Hobby:  I also love, love to take photos. I love to photograph whatever looks beautiful to me. It is one of my favorite hobbies. 

My Favorite Times of Day:  My favorite times of day are sunrise and sunset. I love the way the lighting looks so magical. I could sit and watch it everyday. I always tell my kids it is God painting the sky; it's the best show there is. 

Family: The last of the favorite things is my family of course! (This is four out of five kids). There is no one else like my five wonderful children and husband. I love to share all of my favorite things with them in life. Life is too beautiful not to.

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Happy Creating!
Danielle Storm


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