Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April's Featured Designer - Chelsea Andersen of Pink Fig & a SALE!

Please help me in welcoming
Chelsea Andersen of Pink Fig Patterns.

Where are you located?
St George, Utah

What was your background prior to starting your business?
I was an interior design seamstress, did alterations and fix-it's for a local company, and made custom boutique children's clothing for people all over the US.

What got you started in your business?
I was going to start an online fabric store so went to the international quilt market to look for fabric, but then decided to do patterns instead.

What choices have you made that helped your business the most?
I did it with friends who were starting their own businesses too so I always had others to talk to, bounce ideas off, and to travel with. They kept me motivated and excited! I make it a habit of looking into any good opportunity that comes my way. I've had many opportunities, and many have given me the boost and motivation that keeps me going!  I always try to focus on my customers and having great customer service.

What mistakes have you made that others could learn from?
I probably should have jumped on the PDF band wagon a little sooner, but you live and learn!

What do you find the most fun and rewarding about having your own business?
I love being my own boss. I love having the freedom to design whatever I want. I love that I can be home with my kids.

Tell us a bit about your drive and purpose, your vision for your business.
My drive is my family. My children. Being able to provide a quality life for them, but also being able to do something that makes me happy. 

What inspires you to create?
The desire to create is just something that is in me. I'm inspired by many things. God's creations, color, fabric, flowers, plants, and animals. Things that other people have created, my children, music, food. I try to be observant of everything and everyone around me. What they're wearing, what they're doing. My mind is always spinning.

What do you feel makes your work unique?
I think mostly that it is based off of my own style. I like things that don't necessarily match, but that still compliment each other. My girls inspire me and I think their own likes, personalities, and interests come out in my designs.

What’s your favorite pattern? Any all time favorites? 
I have a few, but right now I'm really loving my Bali Hai Dress.

And the Bloomshine Maxi Dress. I just love the overall designs and the fabric combos. They make me happy!

Where do you see your business in a year? Or where would you like to see it?
Well, I am actually transitioning. I have loved designing children's patterns, but I've done it for over 10 years now and my girls are getting older, so my inspiration is changing. I'm really focusing on fabric design after signing on with Riley Blake Designs. I love them! I also have a new DIY Blog with a lot of home decor and I'm having a blast decorating my house. I think in a year, you'll see a lot of different things from me and probably things you didn't expect.
Watch for Floriography coming to Whimsical Fabric in July!
What words of wisdom do you have for readers who are considering starting their own work at home business?
Just do it! The time is now. If you have dreams and are feeling inspired go with it. The time is now and if you don't do it, somebody else will. I learned that the hard way.

What made you decide to partner with Whimsical Fabric?
Danielle is a doll and such a great customer of mine! I have loved working with her and that she goes the extra mile. Plus her logo and name is so cute :)

Awe, thanks Chelsea, those are kind words.  And thank you for sharing with us a little more about yourself.

We are excited about some brand new Pink Fig PDF patterns that have landed at Whimsical Fabric.  Check out the Hippy Chick Skirts, Penelope's Peasant Top, Mimi's Maxi Skirt, the Scrapbook Jeans and Sweatshirt, and Roxy and Lola Ragdolls.  In addition, ALL Pink Fig Patterns (Paper and PDF) are marked 30% off through Monday, April 14th!  Pick some up today and start stitching up some cuteness!

PS If you are interested in being featured in one of our future newsletters please send us an email with FEATURE in the title.

Happy creating!
Danielle Storm

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  1. Congrats on all your success!! I adore the new Fabric line. The flowers are so pretty~
    Thank you for your wonderful patterns!