Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Jona's Favorite Things

We are starting a new series here on the Whimsical Fabric blog.  Each month we will bring you a My Favorite Things post that will let you get to know some of the team members behind Whimsical Fabric
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Jona Lourenco has been working with Whimsical Fabric for almost a year now.  Some of Jona's biggest strengths that she brings to Whimsical Fabric are her organizational skills, creativity, and positive attitude.  Jona is amazing at helping me to stay organized (which I desperately need) and is awesome at coming up with creative and new ideas.  She planted the seed for the Make It Mine Challenge and plays a HUGE roll in keeping the challenge running smoothly.  In addition, Jona also runs our Pinterest board and helps admin our Facebook group, Whimsical Fabric & Me.  I adore working with Jona and am blessed to have her on the team.  I'm very thankful for everything she does to help keep Whimsical Fabric running smoothly.

Here are some of Jona's Favorite Things.

Favorite pin from our Sew Helpful Pinterest board:
Elizabeth Rosario pinned this blog post from Melly Sews on how to hem different projects.

Favorite in-stock fabric: 
I am currently loving the Art Gallery Happy Home line. I have been pinning away Happy Home project ideas on the Happy Home Pinterest Board.

Favorite past sew-along:
My all time favorite Whimsical Fabric Sew Along to date is the Oliver + S Sleepover Pajamas! The sleeves have a big enough hem that I was able to roll up the sleeves for a while and the pants have cuffs that can be up or down. It's been almost a year, and my toddler still wears them!

Favorite room in my house:
This is a hard one.  I recently redid my sewing room, and LOVE how it looks.  But, this last week, my bedroom started getting a make over and I am completely in love with the progress. I will post both. I would love to hear from you in the comments which you like more. 
This is the first time in my life that I have lived in
 a home with painted walls!
Hubby found two nightstands and the table on Craigslist.
My great-grandma hand quilted that quilt by kerosene lantern.

Favorite Pinterest Board:
One of my favorite Pinterest Board's is Riley Blake's Quotables Board. I love it because there aren't any projects to add to my to-do list, or any advice about what I should change in my life. Just a place to giggle.

 Favorite Books:
So the only thing I do more than sew, is read. I will easily read an entire book in an evening (more like middle of the night). I love a variety of books and will gladly choose a print book over a digital copy any day. I LOVE reference books or books to teach me new skills, even though the same info can be found online.

Here are my most recently read/referred to books (other than the 3 in my car, and the one on my Kindle):

  1. Oh My, Oh My, Oh Dinosaurs!: My two year old and I read this book every day.
  2. Piggie and Elephant Books: We own most of the collection and these are our bedtime stories, I play the part of Piggie, and my Husband plays the part of Elephant.
  3. Almost Amish: I purchased this used, and found that my copy was signed by the author. 
  4. Oliver + S Little Things to Sew: This one was a birthday gift and the giver even wrote a note in the front of the book, I LOVE notes from the giver!
  5. For Keeps: I am a beginner quilter and this book has been very useful and has darling patterns.
  6. Stitch Along: I have fallen in love with hand embroidery and the design ideas in here are darling.
  7. Trim Healthy Mama: I have been slowly trying to eat healthier and this (plus the cookbook) have become a great resource.
  8. Action Art: My kids and I love to do art and this provides a ton of great ideas beyond paper and crayons.
Happy Creating!
Danielle Storm 

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