Tuesday, November 10, 2015

CC Ruthie Dress Pattern Review and 20% Off Coupon

Today we are reviewing the Children's Corner Ruthie Pattern. This pattern is rated as a moderate sewing level with two different options; one short yoke dress with short sleeves and one full yoke length with long sleeves options. Both versions can be mixed and matched. The pattern comes in two different size ranges as well, the smaller contains sizes 1-4 and the larger contains sizes 5-8. Today I am reviewing the long sleeve, full yoke dress version in a size 6.
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For this dress I used Fabrics Finders Country Floral Corduroy for the main part of the dress and  Wedgewood Gingham for the lining and piping on the collar. My daughter and I both love how warm and cozy the corduroy fabric is, perfect for autumn. The gingham is just as soft and lovely as well.

The dress features a full button down front bodice and skirt, a one piece collar that wraps around to the back bodice and back again to the front bodice, and has sweet elastic gathered cuffs at the end of the sleeves. The bodice is fully lined, but unlike other dress patterns I have used before, this one requires no hand stitching! The instructions have a clever way of sewing the front bodice/lining on the machine to give such a beautiful finish that I used the same method to sew the the back bodice main to the lining as well. The back bodice sewing was a slight modification I made, the pattern calls for it to be hand sewn, but it was very easy to sew the back bodice in the same manner as the front.

I found the instructions of this pattern to be very easy to read and follow. The front bodice pattern piece has the main and lining all in one pattern piece (the front bodice is cut on the fold so only two to cut total) but unlike other patterns that I have sewn, this pattern gives the most clear directions on how to sew the front and back bodice pieces all together without any mishaps. It left me thinking, "How clever!", and I wish I knew this years ago. I will be using the same instructions from now on with other patterns as well. 

In the pattern there are also tips on installing piping on the collar to make it a bit easier. I really do love to make and add my own piping to collars. I used the petite cording that is carried in the Whimsical Fabric shop to make mine. It is the perfect size for this dress.

I also wanted to show you the dress not being worn. I just adore the look of the back bodice peeking out from the front. This is a nice way to add a bit of a fun detail to the dress. My daughter loves when I add little surprises to the inside, such as this lining fabric.

I am am very happy with this pattern and will be using it again and again until my daughter out grows it. Even with making my own piping it was a fairly quick sew. I can see this pattern being made in the short sleeves version for spring and summer. The fit is wonderful. It has plenty of room in it for my daughter to run and play, but still looks beautiful. It is a perfect pattern for us to use for her school wardrobe and more.

All the products used for this dress can be found in the Whimsical Fabrics shop. Click on the links below and use the coupon code Ruthie to save 20% on the CC Ruthie pattern, all Fabric Finders Corduroy fabric, all Fabric Finders Gingham fabric, and Petite Cording now through Monday, November 23rd.
Happy Sewing!

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