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November Tutorial Tuesday - Hostess Holiday Zip Pouch Trio

Hi Everyone! So happy to be back on the Whimsical Fabric blog.

I chose to make the Hostess Holiday Zip Pouch Trio! With the holidays fast approaching now, its a great time to make up a few bundles to stash away for quick gifts during the holiday rush. I wanted to make them with basic staple fabrics so they would be easy to keep on hand, quick to stitch and to have fun with those awesome Selvages I save. Do you save your selvages? If not, no worries, you can use Ribbon, a strip of coordinating fabric, a small Machine Embroidery design or just some Straight Line Quilting for cute Covers to mix and match.

5 Fat Quarters will make 2 bundles or 6 Pouches.
I chose 2 Fabric Finders Corduroy - Chestnut and Grey
3 Riley Blake Honeycomb Dots - Navy, Green and Yellow
Eyelet Trim and 
Thank You Again Danielle!

Finished Sizes:
Sm. 4"h x 5"w, Med. 5"h x 7"w, Lrg. 7"h x 9w"
All Seams are 1/2" unless otherwise noted


  • 5 Fat Quarters -2 Solids/3 Prints for Main Covers and Linings
  • 1yd Woven Fusible Interfacing - Pellon sf101 (20"w)
  • 1/2yd Fusible Fleece - Pellon 987f (60"w) (foam interfacing or cotton batting may be substituted)
  • 3 Zippers-nylon coil #3 -sm. 8", med. 10", lrg. 12"...or longer, I used 14" then cut to fit :-)
  • 1/2" Ribbon-18" length for 6 tabs (2 sets)
  • 1" Ribbon - 1-2yds for each Bundle
  • Split Rings (optional) 
  • Wonder Tape (optional) - double sided water soluble sewing tape
Selvages and Trim for decorated pouch cover:
  • Selvages from fabrics used or coordinating fabrics - Sm. 1.5"h x 6"w, Med. 2.5"h x 8"w, Lrg. 3.5"h x 10"w -height is approx. for all sizes
  • Ric-Rac - approx. 1.5yds for 2 sets -cut to width of each chosen pouch
  • Ruffle/Lace - approx. 1.5yds for 2 sets -cut to width of each chosen pouch    


2) Main/Covers p/pouch         
     Sm. 5"h x 6"w
     Med. 6"h x 8"w
     Lrg. 8"h x 10"w

2) Linings p/pouch
     Sm. 5"h x 6"w
     Med. 6"h x 8"w
     Lrg. 8"h x 10"w

Fusible Woven Interfacing (SF101) -for Lining
     Sm.  *4) 4.5"h x 6"w for Main and Lining
     Med. 2) 5.5h x 7.5"w
     Lrg. 2) 7.5"h x 9.5"w

Fusible Fleece -for Main Covers -Cotton Batting may be substituted for quilting
     Sm. *No Fleece
     Med. 2) 5.5"h x 7.5w
     Lrg. 2) 7.5"h x 9.5"'w

1/2" Ribbon -3" per tab for each pouch

*Pictures are from making the Medium Zip Pouch - Directions are the same for all sizes!

1. Fuse Interfacings -Fleece to Main Covers, Woven (SF101) to Linings (or all Small Pouch pieces)

2. Add Selvage and Trim decoration to Main Cover (see instructions at bottom of this tutorial), Quilt Main Cover pieces or decorate to your choice. I quilted the pouch in this tutorial by Straight Line Quilting about every inch or so both ways.
3. Place 1 Main Cover (Green Dots) face up on table, long edge up. Apply double sided Wonder Tape along upper edge. Remove paper from tape and place zipper long edge, upside down, on tape (or pin). ***Zipper should be centered so as to not hit any metal parts during the final construction steps. ***Zipper pull will be upside down and to the left. 

4. Place Wonder Tape along top edge of zipper tape, remove paper and place 1 Lining piece long edge face down on top of zipper, matching top long edges. 

5. Stitch these layers together with 1/4" seam, creating a Zipper Sandwich. You may want to use your machine's zipper foot to get even closer to the zipper teeth...I didn't, these are supposed to be quick and easy and Im okay with seeing more of the zipper tape.

6. Fold right sides together and press. Topstitch at 1/8" along zipper teeth to connect Cover and Lining on 1 side.

7. Repeat Step 3-Step 6 to attach other Cover and Lining to the other long side of Zipper.
*The Zipper will still be placed upside down on the 2nd Cover fabric but the zipper pull will be facing to the right.

Both sides of the Zipper Sandwich completed.

8. Fold 3" Ribbon for Tab in half and place about 3/4" down from bottom of zipper tape on left side. Tape Ribbon Tab in place with open ends facing out and 1/2" past edge of fabric. ***OPEN ZIPPER HALF WAY!!!***

9. Open sandwiches so both Main Covers are right sides together and both Linings are right sides together. ***Mark 3" center of Lining long edge to leave open for turning. Clip (or pin) around all edges.  

***Zipper Tape edges should be folded to face the Main Cover side and the Zipper Teeth facing to the Lining side***
This is important so you have nice sloping corners when you pouch is complete.

10. Stitch Main Covers around 3 open sides. Start at just on the zipper tape/lining seam allowance on the right (gray dot) and go around until you get to the zipper tape/lining seam allowance (gray dot) on the left. I tried to draw arrows to help with this step. Do not stitch over the zipper teeth! Tip: Make sure to catch enough of the zipper tape in the very first and the very last few stitches so your zipper won't come out of the ends of your finished pouch. 

11. Stitch Linings around the 3 open sides leaving 3" open at bottom center (lower gray dots) for turning through. Start just under the zipper teeth (upper gray dot) on the right and stop at the zipper teeth on the left (upper gray dot). Do not stitch into zipper teeth!

12. Trim the zipper ends to 1/2" from seam allowance/fabric edge and clip corners. You can add a few hand stitches across the zipper teeth just past the outside stitch line now but I didn't feel like I needed them.  Here is why I really like using longer zippers...so easy to put in (no sewing over teeth!) and the metal bits get cut right off, woot woot! And I save the leftovers to use for Tabs, with my selvages :-)

13. Reach through the opening with one hand and push one of the corners inward with the other to turn it through completely so all fabrics are right side out. Tip: wiggle your fingers through to open the zipper further when you are getting started turning, it made it easier to pull the cover fabrics through and to poke out the corners of the cover nicely.

14. Push out the corners and press the opening inward 1/2". Straight stitch or hand stitch opening closed. 

15. Tuck the lining down into the Main Cover, close the zipper...and start the next size :-)  

Selvage Decoration 
1. Lay 1 interfaced Main Cover face up, find center along left and right edges. Mark center on short sides, left and righ sides and Lay Selvage across to match with center marks on Cover. Add Wonder Tape to top long edge of Selvage and remove paper to expose sticky. Stick (or pin) the Ric Rac to match evenly with the upper long edge of the selvage. You can click and make the picture larger to see the wonder tape. Tip: I Love Wonder Tape for Zippers and Trims!

2. Flip under the Ric-Rac, matching center marks, stick (or pin) and press lightly.

3. Top stitch across center of Ric Rak and folded under selvage. Apply wonder tape across the bottom of the selvage, either on top of where it meets the cover or just under the selvage long edge and lays on top of the cover. Love that Selvages have that no seam finish needed edge :-)  
 4. Top stitch the trim along the long bottom edge of the Selvage....either on top of the the selvage...

OR underneath the selvage and on top of the cover. So cute, so easy, so quick, done :-) 

If you have any questions about these please let me know. You can find me on FB or IG @vintagebarngirl
And my blog is Vintage Barngirl. I enjoyed making these up and love that I'm 2 bundles of gifts ahead of the holiday craze. Thank You so much for having me.

Happy Holidays!!!
Vanessa Behymer
Vintage Barngirl

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