Monday, June 6, 2016

June Quilt Along Challenge

Hello, Sharon here! This month's BOM is the Broken Nine Patch.  
Remember January's blockThis is the very same but with a few more added steps. I made my daughter a quilt out of this pattern a few years ago and I still dearly love this block. With just the block being re-arranged and using multiple prints it gives the block a whole new look. 

In case you missed the announcement in January, I will give you a little recap. On the first Monday of each month, I will teach one quilt block pattern. You have until the last Monday of the month to sew your quilt block(s) and enter them into the album in our Facebook group, Whimsical Fabric & Meand/or blog about your quilt blocks and link up your blog post in our link party (see below). 
Each block that you sew and enter into the Facebook Album  will count as one entry into our monthly drawing. If you make two blocks, that is two entries. Make four blocks, that is four entries, and so on and so on. There will be a prize drawing each month.

In addition to the prize giveaway on the Facebook group, we also have a monthly Link Up Party. Blog about your entry and link up your post and you will automatically be entered to win a second prize.

Note: You CAN enter both giveaways to increase your chances of winning!

This month's prize is a Riley Blake Medium Tone Dots Charm pack.

Supply List:
cutting mat
rotary cutter
quilter's ruler
scrap fabric pieces

Let's get started!!
1. First we will need to cut out nine 2 ¼" squares. Mine are placed out in the order they will be sewn. I used four light colored, four dark colored and one bright block to make my block. (Refer to photo below with block color placement.)

2. Sew your squares together in three rows of three strips. Press the top and bottom rows with the seam towards the outside of the rows and press the middle row seam towards the center. Pictured below is the front side. The photo under that is of the back side seams.

3. We will now sew our three rows together to make our first block. (The block will not stay this way for long!) As we sew our rows together the seam pressed in the opposite direction will "lock" together to make for lovely squared points. Press you seams towards the outside. Square up your block by trimming up your edges with the your cutting mat, ruler, and rotary cutter.

4. This next step we will take our cutting mat, rotary cutter, and ruler and cut our block twice right down the center as shown below to make four new squares. (It's how this block gets it's name, Broken Nine Patch!)

5. Now, re-arrange your blocks with the dark colored strips into a pinwheel shape as pictured below. (It is easier to show than tell you how to lay them out.)

6. Sew the two top squares together and the two bottom square together. Be sure to press the seams in the opposite direction.

 7.  Sew your two rows together at the center to make your finished block. Once again, take your cutting mat, ruler, and rotary cutter and square up your block by timing the edges even.

Repeat and make as many blocks as you would like!

Facebook Group
After you have sewn all your blocks together for this month please go over to our Facebook group and share each of your blocks in our June Quilt Along Album for a chance to be entered into our monthly drawing! You have until Monday, June 27th at 12:00 pm (noon) CT to enter your blocks. 

Link Up Block Party
In addition, if you blog, write up a short blog post about your quilt-along block(s) and link up your post in our Link Up Party.  The button is located below. In addition, 
1. Grab the June graphic, share it in your blog post, and link it back to this post here to let all of your followers know you are partying with us.
2. Share about your blog post on all your favorite social media outlets.
Note: We will be sure to visit and comment on your blog. We love interacting with our followers!

Remember, there is no required amount that you need to make.  Make as many or as few as you would like.

Happy Sewing!! 

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