Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June Tutorial Tuesday - Patriotic Flag T-shirt Tutorial

Hello! I'm Heather and I call my little part of the blogosphere, All Things Katy! Today, I'm here on the Whimsical Fabric Blog to show you a quick, simple Fourth of July flag T-shirt using a Whimsical Fabric Single Ruffled Short Sleeved Tee and some fun ruffled ric-rac.
Lil' Miss Fourth of July!

Okay, let's jump right in!
First, let's gather some supplies. For my size 6x, I used the following:

• 1 size 6x Whimsical Fabric Single Ruffled Short Sleeved Tee, color white.
• 9" of Ink Blue Ruffled Ric-Rac (cut into 3" segments).

• 40" of Red Ruffled Ric-Rac (cut into four 7" segments and three 4" segments).

• Thread to match
• Sewing Machine
• Walking Foot (optional)

Step 1
The first thing I did was divide my t-shirt blank into quarters. I ironed a crisp crease through the vertical and horizontal of the t-shirt . I did this so that I could easily find the center of the shirt.

Step 2
Next, using the center cross-hair mark as my starting point, I measured in 1" increments down, three times and three times up (from the cross-hair). You should now have a total of 7 lines. Be sure to make your marks in something that can be erased and/or the ink disappears. Personally, I like to use the Pilot FriXion pens.

Step 3
Before attaching the ric-rac to the shirt, I made sure to heat-seal the cut ends. I did this by quickly "kissing" the cut edges of ric-rac to a lighter. This will help the ric-rac to not fray after wear (and washing).

Step 4
I used the guide-lines that I drew in step 2 to help me attach the ric-rac to the shirt in nice, straight, even lines. I used my walking foot attachment, a ball-point needle and a longer stitch length (3.5 on my Brother sewing machine). I started with the red ric-rac and then moved onto blue (less thread changing ;-).

Step 5
Iron out the shirt and make sure that no markings from step 2 are visible. Go grab your cute model and *voila!* your little cutie is ready to celebrate the 4th in style!!

Happy Fourth of July!

by Heather of All Things Katy!

Thanks for the great tutorial Heather and happy creating everyone!
Danielle Storm

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