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Alyssa's Favorite Things

Remember the My Favorite Things series we started on the Whimsical Fabric Blog back in October of 2015?  Well, November and December got REALLY busy with Thanksgiving and Christmas, and we decided to forgo the My Favorite Things for awhile. But today we are picking the series back up. Each month in 2016 we will bring you a new My Favorite Things post that will let you get to know some of the team members behind Whimsical Fabric. Today, we all get to learn about Alyssa's Favorite Things.  
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Alyssa Carrion has been working with Whimsical Fabric for about a year now. She brings so many talents and strengths to the Whimsical Fabric team. Alyssa is mega organized (when I grow up I want to be just like her), is very creative (she comes up with some of the BEST games for our Facebook group), has amazing sewing skills, and can always make me smile and laugh with her awesome sense of humor

Alyssa does so many things for Whimsical Fabric I'm not even sure where to start. First, she runs our monthly Tutorial Tuesday posts; arranging the projects, ordering the supplies for the tutorial writers, and making sure everything runs smoothly. Alyssa also is our main game coordinator for our Facebook group, Whimsical Fabric & Me, posting many of the games and making sure you all receive your prizes. In addition, Alyssa creates all the order forms for any preorders we run and helps keep those preorders organized. And, to further help me out this year, Alyssa has taken on the task of editing all of our Tutorial Tuesday and Review posts, and all of our Sew-Along lessons. This is a HUGE help for me, and I'm so very thankful for her time and talents in this department. 

I'm quite sure I'm leaving out many more things Alyssa does for Whimsical Fabric, as she is always there to jump in and help out. I am so very blessed to have Alyssa's working with me and I appreciate her more than she probably knows. I not only cherish working with Alyssa, I cherish the friendship we have built over the past year. (And all the giggles we've shared.)
Doesn't Alyssa have the cutest children!
Alyssa's Favorite Things

Favorite Pin on the Whimsical Fabric board:
I have bins and bins of scraps all divided by color family, and I can't bear to part with them, so any pins like this one that give me ideas to use more of them up are very much appreciated!

Favorite in Stock Fabric:
I am a bit of an Alice in Wonderland nerd.... so the Art Gallery Wonderland line is my current favorite.
In fact, now that I've got some here in front of me, I've decided my next project with it will be for me and will be the Straight Stitch Society Have it All Wallet.

Favorite Sewing Snack:
I gave up coffee a few months ago to cut more sugar out of my diet (it gives me migraines) and replaced it with Earl Grey tea with vanilla.  And I know the SweetTarts aren't good for my head, but lining them up in color piles makes me happy.

Favorite Past Sew-Along: 
Here's a bit of nostalgia... These were my first sew along with Whimsical Fabric, and how I got acquainted with Danielle, and I've been thankful ever since that I decided to participate.  I was actually a tester for this pattern, so my kids already had the pairs that I had made them, and I was excited to make them more pants that I knew would fit well....  E+M Pants No. 2

Favorite Books:
I tend to be constantly attached to a book, my kindle, or my headphones with an audio book playing.  I've found that audio books are less distracting for me while sewing than Netflix binge sessions, so I'm a bit addicted.  I easily go through 4 or 5 books a week, though I've given myself a rule that at least one book a week must be a "classic."  I'm rather all over the place with my book interests, so I will try to narrow it down some.
1. Jane Eyre.  My all time favorite book that even 20 years after my first read, I still re-read every few months.
2. Einstein's Dreams.  Another favorite, though, this one I discovered in college, and keep on the small set of shelves in my room to be picked up when the fancy strikes.
3. If on A Winter's Night a Traveler.  This one is sort of a love story between a man and a woman and books. 
4.  Press Here.  My older brother bought this for the kids a couple of years ago, and its still one of their go-to's when we've plunged through all of the week's library books.
5.  Agnes and the Hitman.  This is the audio book I just finished.. its a totally zany, romantic mystery.  Fluff at its best, but entertaining..
6.  The Dark Tower. I'm a big Stephen King fan, and even though the last book of the series made me so mad I threw it out my barracks window when I finished, it's still a fantastic journey.
7.  The 17 Day Diet.  This is actually my fall-back diet, and its pretty easy to follow.  *I am not a medical professional, and check with your doctor before starting a new diet regime.  
8.  Splintered.  This one is part of a YA series, but the whole series is a pretty fast and engaging modernized Alice in Wonderland.  
9.  Phantom of the Opera.  I still think Raoul was the wrong choice...  
10. Left Handed Smocking.  I participated in an Ellie Inspired Sew Along last year and really enjoyed learning to smock, but I found it a bit difficult being left-handed.  This book has been a life saver.

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Happy Creating!
Danielle Storm


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