Friday, January 1, 2016

Whimsical Fabric's 2016 Sew-Along Lineup!

Some Changes
I am so super excited to share with you all our sew-along list for 2016.  First I want to cover some changes we are making.

In 2015 we decided to move our sew-alongs from our Facebook sew-along group over to our main Facebook group, Whimsical Fabric & Me. This proved to be a good change and we will continue to use Whimsical Fabric & Me as our group home for all of our sew-alongs.

Ever since we began sew-alongs back in in February of 2012, we've posted our sew-along lessons to our sew-along blog. We have decided that in 2016 we will be posting our lessons here, on our main Whimsical Fabric Blog, instead. Everything will now be in one place for you. We hope streamlining things and keeping everything in one place will make it easier to find what you are looking for. In addition, we will begin the process of moving all the past lessons over to this blog.  If you have not yet signed up to receive our blog newsletter in your inbox, now it a great time to do so. This will ensure you never miss out on an announcement, sale, contest, and now, our sew-along lessons. Just click here to sign up. We use a double opt in system, so make sure to check your email and click through the confirmation email to finish signing up.

Our 2016 Sew-Along Instructor 
Sharon Knowles will be teaching all of our sew-alongs during 2016. I love working with Sharon. Her knowledge, skill, and sweet nature make her an awesome sew-along teacher. We feel very blessed to have her working with us and are very excited for everything she will be sharing this year. Thank you Sharon for so generously sharing your time and talent with us. To read more about Sharon you can check out this past blog post.

A Year Long Quilt-Along
Something different is coming to Whimsical Fabric in 2016. We will be hosting a year long quilt-along.  What does this mean? It means we will be working on the quilt-along all throughout 2016. What are we making? Why, a quilt, of course!!

It doesn't matter if you have never made a quilt before or if you have made hundreds, you will want to join us for this Quilt-Along. This will be a great project to bust through all those scraps you have hanging around, to make a memory quilt out of children's outgrown clothes, or just to take part and win lots of great prizes throughout the year.

The first Monday of each month Sharon will be sharing a new quilt block tutorial with us on this blog. You will have most of the month to sew up quilt blocks and share them either on the Whimsical Fabric & Me Facebook group and/or through a link up party here on the blog. We will be giving away great prize for entries on both each month!
Then, near the end of the year, we will have a special tutorial(s) teaching how put all of your blocks together and create your quilt. Are you as excited as me? In the course of a year you will be learning how to create 12 different quilt blocks and finishing off by creating a gorgeous quilt!  And don't forget the monthly prize drawings. Woo hoo!  2016 is going to ROCK!

2016 Sew-Along Lineup
I know you've been waiting for the big reveal of our 2015 Sew-Along lineup, so I'll get one with it.  Let me first say, this is a great lineup. We put a lot of thought into each of these and wanted to include patterns that would have a wide range of appeal to as many of you as possible.  We also wanted to teach new skills and stretch ourselves this year. 

Sew-Along #31
Size Range: 6mo thru girl's size 12
When: Kits will be available on the website on Thursday, January 7th. The sew-along starts Thursday, January 21st.
Sew-Along Info: A cozy outfit any little girl would love to wear. This sew-along will feature skills for sewing with knit fabrics.

Sew-Along #32
Size Range: 6mo thru child's 8
When: March, 2016
Sew-Along Info: A great pattern for boys and girls. We will have laminate (for raincoats) and non-laminate kits available. This sew-along will feature skills for sewing with laminate fabrics.

Sew-Along #33
Size Range: 6mo thru child's 8
When: May, 2016
Sew-Along Info: This is a classic outfit for both boys and girls that will carry them through the entire summer. We will be teaching all three pieces, the top, skirt, and pants. You will love this pattern!

Sew-Along #34
Size Range: newborn through adult
When: June, 2016
Sew-Along Info: Another great pattern for both boys and girls. The size range on this is huge, which makes this pattern very versatile. We will be gearing these lessons for beginners, so this will be a great sew-along to get a child involved during summer break.

Sew-Along #35
Size Range: Top (0-20), Skirt (0-16)
When: July, 2016
Sew-Along Info: It's time to focus on you. The Maritime knit top is comfortable, flattering, and so very versatile. You'll want to fill your wardrobe with these tops. The Everyday skirt is an easy to sew skirt that is perfect for both everyday wear and more dressy occasions. This set of two patterns will get you excited about sewing for yourself.

Sew-Along #36
Size Range: Girls size 1 thru 8
When: September, 2016
Sew-Along Info: Mary De is an adorable jumper dress and blouse pattern (short or long sleeves.) Mary De can be made with or without smocking. We will be teaching beginning smocking with this pattern!  By the end of the sew-along you will have created a beautifully smocked dress if you so desire. We will have kits available for both smocked and un-smocked versions of the Mary De and will go over all aspects of making both versions in the lessons.

Sew-Along #37
Size Range: Girls size 12mo thru 14 and Doll
When: November, 2016
Sew-Along Info: This is a gorgeous dress with many options. This will serve as our holiday dress sew-along.  In addition to teaching the child dress, we will also be teaching the accompanying doll dress which will make for adorable holiday pictures and/or presents. We will be offering traditional and non-traditional holiday fabric kits for those who desire their dresses to be worn into the new year.

Who all is excited for our 2016 sew-alongs?  ME!!  I can not wait to see what you all create this year. 2016 is going to be an amazing year and I'm so excited to get to share it with all of you!  

Happy Creating!
Danielle Storm


  1. Looking forward to these sewalongs. Especially march and may!!!

  2. 2016 looks good! Hope to participate in the quilt along and several of the sew alongs.

  3. I'm so excited to do the quilt project!! Sew along #35 is calling me!!! It looks super cute and I need to move beyond sewing for the kids and learn to sew for me :)

  4. Some great choices! I hope to be able to sew more this year!